Travel Tips – How to have a great trip

Travel tips are many and varied but few of them deal with our attitude and psyche as opposed to how to pack orĀ  what to take etc. Traveling is probably the fastest lesson teacher you’ll find in life.

Out of our comfort zones of so-called normality, we quickly discover that life on the road is filled with curve balls. It is here where our attitude kicks in and what makes the difference between a great trip, an OK trip or a nightmare trip.
If we adapt our thinking and approach to what we encounter, it makes the world of difference.

best travel tips - travel with a good attitude Back home, we bitch about the traffic, curse the train schedules, get irritated by crowds and endure a dozen other annoyances in one day.
Traveling is not an instant panacea to all that we live with at home. In fact it’s tougher because we are dealing with situations in unfamiliar territory, in some cases with a foreign language and with no visual clues of English worded signs or advisory’s. We’re pretty much aliens and we’re on our own to figure out the challenges.
Is that scary? Maybe. But what if we adopted a mind shift and said that’s exciting. Sounds simple but I have come across so many travelers who travel with bad attitude as part of their baggage. Leave it at home! Come to a new land with zero expectations other than having a good time. That to me is a golden nugget in the list of travel tips that make it a great trip.
Expect the unexpected. That should be up there in the top 10 of travel tips.

Miss a bus and instead of freaking out, shrug…you’re on vacation – nobody died…get another bus or walk…or grab a cab…You’re late for your flight. Connection deadlines are looming and passport control is taking their own sweet time to process 3oo passengers off the flight. You’re pissed. You’re worried. You want to scream. Hang on. This is not the Amazing Race. There are no prizes for getting there first.

Travel Tips -Keep calm and chill

How about just chilling and realizing the worst case scenario is you miss the plane. It might be a real disappointment or even a money cost but at the end of the day, these things happen and it’s what you do with the lemons that make the difference. Juice them!
I have often been in a situation where I am stranded at an airport or left hanging with no flights to my intended destination. I used to get mad. I used to go scream at some official and let loose. Guess what? I still ended up staying at the airport or looking for a hotel.

In fact, in my experience, the more twists and unexpected turns that come my way, the more often I am exposed to people, places and experiences that enriched rather than took away from my travel adventure.


Travel Tips For The Psyche – Make it a great trip!


The difference between a suitcase load of great memories or a backpack of horror tales.

1. Get a sense of humor fast – learn to laugh at yourself. (This also ranks as one of the most important travel tips I could ever give anyone).

2. Be patient. Relax and enjoy the ride.

3. Adopt a new psyche for travel. Be everything positive that you’re not in daily work and residential life back home.

4. Don’t be afraid. As they say, FEAR is really False Expectations Appearing Real

5. Be friendly. Smile at strangers, greet the locals. Chances are you’ll make a new friend and have a whole new insight into the destination you are vacationing in.

6. Try the local food. To know a culture is to adopt some of their customs. Don’t look for the nearest MacDonald’s or Starbucks right away. Food is one of the major ways to experience the country you visit.

7. Take it slow – avoid rushing about trying to cram in every landmark or sightseeing venue on the map. You might as well stay home and watch the travel channel then. Take it slow and really absorb. Less is definitely more in this case.

8. Try speaking a bit of the language. If in a foreign country, try a few words of the local language. It really opens doors and locals usually enjoy your attempts.

9. Take photos and videos but don’t see the whole trip through a lens. A lens is a narrow representation of what we are actually looking at. It is amazing how much we can learn from having a more peripheral vision.

10. Become aware. Notice the smells, the sounds and the feel of the place you visit. If you kick in your senses with conscious effort, the uniqueness of the place you are visiting is so much more apparent.

Bottom line – it doesn’t really matter if you packed all the right stuff, made the right arrangements, found the right hotel or even had a good flight. What really makes the difference and makes for a great trip, is your positive attitude. Travel tips have no real effect unless you have the right attitude to go with them.


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