Travel Accessories

Think what you require on an everyday basis. If you decide you cannot leave home without it, there's a good chance that you'll find a travel-size version that will not add too much weight and space to your luggage.

There are literally thousands of possible travel accessories to choose from and the choices of product will make sure that you can identify the accessory that you may need.  

What Travel Accessories to get?

Packing aids for luggage

These travel accessories will assist in making it simple to pack - keeping your clothing and personal items separate and organized.

Packing folders: Multiple folders simplify packing and unpacking by keeping clothes organized.

Mesh ditty bags: This inexpensive bags have multiple applications from keeping you dirty laundry separate from the rest of your clothing to separating and organizing clothing or sundry packing items. Choose from a variety pf colors and sizes.

Toiletry bags and kits come in all shapes, colors and sizes. You can get the standard toiletry kit or opt for a hanging toiletry organizer. This is one of the more essential travel accessories to get iif you do much travelling and staying in hotel rooms with limited counter space in the bathroom.

Padlocks: In most cases, padlocks are a pretty standard item but this one caught our eye. If you are backpacking or carrying any luggage with pockets, this solves the security problem by enveloping your baggage in a steel wire mesh that stops any access to pockets. A really good piece of travel accessory to have.

Travel Accessories for electronics

In this day and age, we travel in a far more complicated way. We have to think about cell phone chargers, external hard drives, laptop accessories, cables, USB hubs and the list goes on. Being organized is one of the most important aspects of good travel and part of the travel accessories arsenal are those items that take care of our electronics.

USB adapter cables, auxiliary input cables,Cat5E Ethernet cable and all of the other electronics sundries can be neatly kept together with this travel accessory. But, best of all, it's a great way to store all your smart phone/tablet and laptop paraphenalia at home or on the road!

  • 100-125 and 220-250 volt standards
  • Contains plugs for the UK, EU, US, and AU (Allowing for compatability in over 150 countries)
  • World-wide compatibility (US, UK, EU, AU, USB Port)
  • AC POWER and USB Status LED Lights indicate ON/OFF status for each individual port
  • The Universal Adapter Plug allows you to plug your small appliance or computer into outlets around the world
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Luggage Scale: An invaluable piece of travel accessory has to be the portable luggage scale. How many times do you go on a trip, buy some stuff and then find out you're overweight at the luggage check-in? Be sure you're within limits so you do not have to pay exorbitant excess costs.

Travel Shoe Bags - another essential in the list of travel accessories to consider....

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