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The best travel apps can be found here as we put together a selection of apps that make travel as easy as a stroll in the park.

Times have certainly changed. Some can recall the days that air tickets were issued by travel agents and placed in a big plastic wallet with carbon smudge-prone copies that had to be given at check in. Now of course, it is a paperless process or at the very least, one piece of paper that gets you boarded on a plane. The internet and smart phone technology have changed everything and it is very hard to imagine how anyone traveled without a migraine of stress in the years  prior to the mid 90’s.

Our way of consumption- purchasing and knowledge, is now through the power of smart phones and tablets. Mobile technology is moving at an alarmingly fast pace and almost everyday there is a new app out to make our life easier. Travel in a a foreign country is a snap with some of these top travel apps

Best Travel Apps for Flights and Travel

If you're looking for flight info fast, this is a really top app. Get the answers you need faster than the airline will text you, clearly and rapidly. It's perfect when you're heading out to fetch someone from the airport or simply checking on the status of your own flight. Quick and reliable, this makes the job of gathering flight info a breeze!

  • Plan your trip with the popular travel app!
  • Discover inspiring places and save them for later
  • Make your to do list with your collected saved places (you can also add your personal places to the map)
  • Offline search map for streets and POI
  • Experience the best trips with detailed maps and gps localization (works offline too)
  • Get guides for 6,000 travel destinations in Europe
  • Use without an internet connection
  • Add notes and keep a list of favorite places
  • See locations on an offline world map

Gold Medal winner from Gizmodo’s best weather apps! Wherever you are. Wherever you are going. Know what to wear. Know what to pack. Accurate weather details just a tap away with this top app!

  • Quick Display of Maps in HD
  • Provides Index Search of Countries
  • Supports Multi-Touch Zoom In/Out
  • Option to view in Landscape / Portrait Mode
  • Links to Official Country Subway/Train Websites

  • You can plan your own trip as you want to;
  • Alert function will sent notification to remind you in what you need;
  • Smooth and simple interface which is always important;
  • You can plan any amount of tips;
  • Ability to write detailed information about flights, hotels and other;
  • Best travel organizer for you phone;
  • Keep notes about destinations and places;
  • Plane your own trip according your own rules and style.

You can now discover exactly where your spouse is traveling and how close they are to their destination. Flight tracking is nothing new but it is a fun app that'll demonstrate all of the planes in the region . Incredible to determine how many routes are being flown in the immediate area and beyond This can let you know where the plane originated from, where it's headed, what type of aircraft it is, the altitude and the speed. Monitoring flights is now very easily done in the palm of your hand. You will love this particular application!
  • Save and edit a list of the baggage that you own. You can enter the height, width, depth and choose a picture.
  • View all the airline's information and policy details.
  • Check if your baggage complies with a specific airline baggage policy.
  • Switch between metric and imperial units.
  • Category wise checklist.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Give indication if all items in a category were checked.

Use this cool talking translator to instantly translate any typed or spoken text into any of 54 languages! It also pronounces the translation for you.

Unlike other translation apps, this one does not solely depend on one web translator. It produces superior spoken translations!

  • Cruise Ship Info: deck maps, ship tracking & web cams
  • Roll Call & Cruise Chat: see who's on your cruise & make shipmates today
  • Cruise Port Info: excursions, maps, & helpful hints
  • Cruise Reviews: helpful reviews for every cruise ship & port
  • User Photos: hundreds of new photos daily of cruise ships & ports

Ship Mate - Voted "Best Cruise App" - over 1 Million downloads!

  • Pre-loaded master list
  • Create new list from scratch or generate from existing one
  • Support Multiple lists
  • Reorder categories/items using drag/drop
  • Mass change for easy editing
  • Group by location/luggage for easy packing
  • Email/Share lists

Most of these best travel apps available won't cost you a cent. Who said you cannot get something for nothing?

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