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Japan Family Adventure
The past and the future collide in present-day Japan on this eye-opening 11-day family adventure. It begins with a 2-day tour of the neon-bright streets of Tokyo that hits the citys wonders, both modern and ancient. Later on, you'll learn the secrets of the ninja in historic Uenoshi, explore shrines and wildlife parks in Nara and take a quiet moment to reflect in the peaceful grounds of Hiroshima Memorial Park. Rich with new experiences, exotic cuisine and compelling history, Japan appeals to the teenager in all of us. Bring yours! Japan Family Adventure

family vacationsFinding a great destination is one thing but trying to narrow it down to finding the right resort that is kid friendly is totally another. There is nothing worse than arriving at the resort of your choice and finding that there are no organized activities for the kids or anything that will distract them other than video games and a swimming pool.

If you are traveling with younger children then be sure to check that the hotel has a kids program and that the surrounding area has some fun, active and safe activities for everyone to indulge in. If you have teens in tow, that can be a little trickier as pretty much anything you offer will probably be greeted with a grunt of non interest or a sneer of disapproval and the focus returning to a texting fest on the smart phone.  Beach sports and an in-house disco may be the answer to pubescent growls of dissatisfaction.

Nearby resort towns may present both a blessing and a curse if the older kids can take off and head to the bars and disco’s. Sure, if you have a healthy trust of an older teen and all is good in family dynamics, it may be great to get some free time to yourselves and let the teens go out partying. But, as many parents are faced with, you have age demographics of young teen and older teen, this becomes a problem. So, to be safe, always best to make sure that the resort is self sufficient and provides for the teens so you do not have a vacation from hell looking post midnight for the teens in some Mexican or foreign land bars and nightclubs.

Another great idea for variety is to select from those hotels that offer multiple choices of restaurants and dining options. This way you’re not stuck with the same old, same old every night and can actually enjoy a change of scenery and ambiance with the family. One important thing for parents to bear in mind, as this is a family vacation, that should also include YOU. Great to have the kids enjoying themselves but you and your spouse would also like some “us” time, surely?  If you pinpoint the right resort for the kids, make sure there are things that you may enjoy – perhaps a spa, adult oriented activities in the evening and babysitting services so that the two of you can get a few hours off in the evening to enjoy each others company.

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