Being a Rockstar has more perks than you’d imagine

Lenny KravtizA few days ago, I was lazily surfing through the travel news and I came across an intriguing headline in the USA Today travel section :

Lenny Kravitz takes on new role as luxury hotel tester

What? I was intrigued. Has he retired from music and sold out? SHUT THE..FRONT DOOR! This is a guy who’s music I have loved ever since an intriguing and quite gorgeous ex-girlfriend Seattle grunge chick got me listening to the Kravitz groove. He’s up there as one of my faves and the thought of the rock star becoming some corporate suit working for the man as a quality controller blew my mind. As things would have it, the headline was a tease. Yeah, he’s testing the comforts and service of a luxury hotel called  the New York Edition Hotel but he’s still the rocking, blues stylist, voice of soul, R&B grooving, funk freak we all know (or should do) by now. Even at 50+ Lenny still has the stuff that makes me remember American Girls, Flying Away even though My Mama Says, It Ain’t Over til it’s Over…if you know what I mean?

So, Lenny’s got some good mates…people that like to spoil him even though he’s a legendary rocker with probably enough cash to buy a 6 star hotel.

New York CityBeing a travel writer means that you can sometimes score the perks of a nice freebie hotel stay (in a modest room) but being Lenny Kravitz means that you get that much more….a lot more. How about an entire hotel for your playground with an $8000 per night penthouse suite, put together with an accompanying 30 seater dining room and some awesome views of Manhattan – all comped cos your a nice guy who plays guitar and sings…and produces, and acts…oh, forget it… whatever!

So, he gets all this and 300 staff at his beck and call while he checks the place out. Ian Schrager is the owner of the brand new New York Edition Hotel who asked Lennie to test it all out. So the rocker did.

Apparently Lenny Kravitz likes hotels, the USA Today quoting him as saying ““I like hotel rooms to be thought through. I want to feel comfortable—like I’m going to be happy chilling out in the room all day—like I don’t ever want to leave the room.” And knowing a smidgen of what a rock and roll lifestyle can be, chances are, he never did leave the room…Let’s parrrrrty! Lenny apparently has dabbled as a designer for other well known hotels so his resume qualifies him as rock ‘n roll hotel quality assessment dude.

Nice work if you can get it, right?

The hotel is now open and taking reservations…it’s new…it’s cool and now you know Lenny stayed there!

Centrally located on 24th street and Madison Avenue, The New York EDITION sits directly across

from New York’s iconic Madison Square Park.

Originally built in 1909 as the headquarters for The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company,

the historic 41-story clock tower is an iconic New York landmark.

The New York EDITION features 273 guest rooms and suites with spectacular views of the city as well as a restaurant,

by Michelin-starred chef, Jason Atherton.  

The Clocktower restaurant is located on the landmarked second floor and outfitted with

mahogany wood paneled walls and specially curated art. 

The hotel will offer approximately 2,100 square feet of versatile meeting and event space,

an intimate lobby bar; and a 1,650 square foot state-of-the-art

fitness center and spa located on the 39th floor.

the New York Edition Hotel in ManhattanNew York, 5 MADISON AVENUE

NEW YORK, NY 10010

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