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Adventure Travel And What It Actually Means

Adventure travel can mean different things to different people. In many peoples minds, an ideal vacation is about finding a beautiful resort hotel and living the dream with cocktails, room service and waking up to some beach paradise.  That is great. We all deserve a little pampering after working hard for our money. However, this is one type of vacation and it does not have to become the staple diet of ALL vacations you take.

The best aspects about traveling is what you learn, see and experience. You get to do things you have never done before and perhaps things you have always wanted to do. overseas adventure travel Adventure travel does not have to be about doing dangerous, crazy stuff, roughing it in tents and taking a survival course.

The great thing about adventure travel is that you can do it at any level and comfort zone. In fact you can totally have a luxury adventure travel experience. Going overseas is adventure enough but adding a little spice to that experience is what makes it an overseas travel adventure.
Why not just change your mindset when it comes to your next vacation? Instead of simply deciding on a destination, take it one step further and actually consider the things that you would most like to do in life. What are those fun things that you have fantasized  about learning to do or experience but have never got to?

Ask  yourself – what would you like to do? – rather than simply – where you would  like to go?

How to design your next overseas vacation for adventure

Plan your next overseas or local trip with a five year view. Begin by writing down all the places you want to go to within the next five years. Let your mind go crazy…just keep writing until you run out of ideas.

Now, take a look at your inventory of overseas and/or local destinations and prioritize that list with your top 6 destinations. Take a break and come back later to write out another list – this time a listing of what you have always wanted to do or experience.

The checklist can include anything. There is no restriction and it does not have to be specifically engaged with travel. Interestingly, you’ll find that the series of stuff you want to do is way longer than the places you would like to vacation at.

Adventure Travel: Bolivia from Ruben Panagopoulos on Vimeo.

Here is a great top 100 for some ideas: 100 things to do before you die create an inventory of things

Once you have completed your wishes of stuff to to do before you die, break it down and make a top 20 or 30 in order of how badly you’d like to do something. Now here’s the odd thing about the list that you’ll find out – a lot of what you wrote down would inevitably involve travel or could easily be built into an overseas trip.

And there’s the Aha moment. You realize that so much of what you would like to do, involves travel anyway. So, why not match-make the 2 lists and see what you come up with. Draw up 2 columns and spend a fun few hours looking at your destinations and seeing what you can do at each of the 6 destinations you want to visit.

You’ll find that the To-Do list will quickly be gobbled up by the destinations list. One destination could take care of 5-10 things you want to do in life. A great resource for linking together your two lists is GAdventures with a gazillion exquisite adventure travel ideas both overseas and locally.

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 So, when you next get planning for your vacation, take some time to ask yourself a couple of key questions.  What would  you really like to experience and do? Just adding that  thought process will bring you to a whole new way to enjoy your adventure travel vacation.