The Travel Deals Junction Story

Travel Deals Junction was an idea born from personal experience. Through my job and a passion for travel, I have been fortunate enough to log so many air miles I imagine put together, they would get me to Mars (Ok, maybe past the moon..and back twice...just)

With all this travel, I found many people asking me for travel advice and recommendations.

However, from my own travel sagas of bad hotels, poorly timed connections and awful service, I was always reticent about giving advice. Travel is personal. Very personal. It is as personal as your dress style and food choices.

Fed up with poor travel arrangements, I decided to make my own travel plans. The problem, as I quickly discovered, was that I spent days searching the internet for a great destination, a good hotel, well timed flights and all at a budget I could handle.

Eventually I managed the 'perfect travel plan' and was happy with the results. But it was a creation borne of little sleep and countless coffees.

One of my biggest beefs with travel are people getting caught up in "my travel agent knows it all" syndrome. I hear it all the time.

This is not to suggest a travel agent cannot provide a great service - they can and do. However, it is one persons recommendation. Sometimes you need to mix it up and explore the possibilities. Think of far flung lands and childhood dreams to take you someplace special.

Avoid being limited to the brochures you see on a travel agents shelves. This is a drop in the ocean to what you can find.

But how can you find this info? Sure, search the internet for hours like I did and try and find a place of interest and then start digging up hotels and flights.

That methodology kills the travel buzz quickly. We all live busy lives. We want a quick but effective fix that solves our problems. I certainly did. I wanted a one stop place to do it all.

We want to find facts fast...get juiced. We want to make a decision and make a booking. Then we can go to our spouse, peck them on the cheek and tell them we're leaving for China next week. Ok, perhaps you should involve them in that decision making process. China on your own might not be quite so much fun.

The point is, we want the luxury to browse beyond standard brochures and nebulous "my clients loved it" hearsay. We want to see for ourselves and make a decision based on real traveler reviews. We want to pick a dream destination and GO!

What I needed was a Travel Deals Search Engine that will...

That was a tall order. Where would I find that? With some help from like minded friends, we looked into a real Travel Search Engine - a search engine that searched the search engines.

We have it and it is fantastic!

Our group of happy travelers now have what we were looking for and have made it public. The team is traveling constantly and are contributing to our website on a regular basis, sharing destination ideas, tips and deals.

In 10 minutes you can find a great location, read about the area, geographically place your hotel on the map, read hundreds of raw and honest reviews of the place you're thinking of staying at and know a thing or two about where to go and what to do.

And so, the answer lies in our Travel Deals Junction. A new travel deals search engine that searches the travel search engines. All the available deals in one place with all the information and reviews that you could ever want.

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Travel Deals Junction People..

Rob Wheatley Cruise Program Director & Writer

Hi. My name is Rob Wheatley. I am a nomadic resident of the planet with a bias of momentary lapses spent in South Africa and Europe. My passions are people, travel and living without regret. I love to play. One day I'll get a real job......

Rob Facts
Past and Present

  • Radio jock and TV presenter…
  • Cruise Director/Program Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dashed dreams to be a Premier League Footballer
  • Met Heidi Klum – fell in love. (No, she has no idea I exist).
  • Love fun people who don’t take life too seriously
  • Nirvana for me is a new place, new people and new cultures
  • My favourite saying is from Dr Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Hello there! My name's Nikki and I am so very lucky to do the job I do. I am a full time travel concierge acting on behalf of several large corporates and private clients. My work takes me around the globe to places that I had only dreamed of as a child. I am thrilled to be involved with Travel Deals Junction and share in the vision of easy travel planning for everyone.

Nikki Calstrom Editor/Writer

Nikki Facts
Past and Present

  • Writer and photographer
  • Frustrated “Candy Crusher” addict
  • Have a passion for shoes
  • I make a ‘mean’ Thai Curry (learned from a master in Ko Samui, Thailand)
  • I love nature, long walks and taking pictures
  • Maroon 5 is currently my fave band with Lenny Kravitz as my all time “hotty” muso
  • Yoga in the fresh morning air of the Drakensberg, South Africa, surrounded by a breath-taking mountainscape  is fixed in my memory banks as my deepest moment of clarity
  • My strangest trait is that I’m the type of woman who will burst out laughing in dead silence about something that happened yesterday.

Travel Deals Junction Staff Writers

staff writers

Our intrepid team of staff writers are armed and dangerous with tablets, laptops and smartphones as they capture stories and pictures of their travels. Mostly made up of friends of Rob and Nikki, this group of people share our passion for life, laughter and memory-making. Many are working on cruise ships, in the airline and travel industries or  backpacking their way around the planet.Their insights and anecdotes are invaluable and their free donation of time and effort to share stories makes us extremely grateful to know them as people and friends.

Would you like to become part of the team?

If you are a good writer, love to travel, have pictures or anecdotes or any experiences you'd enjoy sharing, we'd love to hear from you. Whilst we will happily credit you and link to your website/blog (if you have one) we do not offer financial remuneration. Our goal is to have a community of writers who share the same passion of travel and life that we do.

Any financial gains we receive at this stage from advertising go towards the cost of operating this website.